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Stored product insects (SPI), are a range of insects which can infest dry stored food. The SPI that cause most of the problems are small beetles, weevils, silverfish and some moths.

Many of these insect species are very small and therefore to begin with you not may actually realise you have a problem. But there are some warning signs you can identify, such as

  • Raw materials and various foodstuffs begin to be damaged
  • You may notice visible exit holes in grain products, caused by weevils
  • Insect tracks may be visible on products such as flour and on dust, betraying the trail of insects moving around.
  • Warehouse and Mill moths larvae leave
  • Products such as grain or flour can become discoloured, stained or mouldy if Flour and grain beetles are present
  • Many insects and bugs will leave behind waste material such as faeces.

We have been looking after the pest control needs of local homes and businesses for nearly 30 years. Guardian Pest Management is a genuine family run and staffed local business, we are not a national call centre. Guradian Pest Management are a Local Business.

While adult insects are the signs of an infestation, merely killing them will not solve the problem permanently. Infested areas must be found and destroyed. Identification of the pest can provide vital clues on where to look but some of these insects can live and breed on a wide range of materials.

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After treatment, good sanitation and regulated storage are keys to preventing future SPI problems.

We provide a prompt and professional stored product insect pest control service across the Warrington & Greater Manchester region. For your peace of mind, Guardian Pest Management are members of (NPTA) National Pest Technicians Association.

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