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We provide fast & affordable Mole control...

Guardian Pest Management provide Mole Control throughout Warrington, Cheshire and Greater Manchester

Guardian Pest Management can remove Moles at reasonable cost from anywhere on your land.

Guradian Pest Management are NPTA-Accredited

We are members of (NPTA) National Pest Technicians Association.

Guardian Pest Management provides traditional and modern methods of Mole Control throughout Warrington, Cheshire and Greater Manchester.

We regularly service farms, golf courses, recreation centres, riding schools and more, where the risk of mole holes is very high for businesses. Having over 15 years of mole catcher experience we can very quickly reduce numbers and effectively rid your property of moles.

We also can treat domestic garden moles effectively and humanely.

have been looking after the pest control needs of local homes and businesses for nearly 30 years. Guardian Pest Management is a genuine family run and staffed local business, we are not a national call centre. Guradian Pest Management are a Local Business.

If you are a landowner, farmer, equestrian premises, sports club, bowling green or anywhere that relies on the land then Moles can be a huge nuisance!

  • They are subterranean mammals, spending most of their time underground
  • They build intricate tunnel systems, with molehills being the waste of their tunnelling exploits
  • They live in mixed woodlands, gardens, grasslands, urban areas – anywhere where they can dig through the soil
  • Moles spend the majority of their time digging tunnels and looking for food

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Did you know? Moles are not blind but do they have poor eyesight!

We provide a prompt and professional pest control service across the Warrington & Greater Manchester region. For your peace of mind, Guardian Pest Management are members of (NPTA) National Pest Technicians Association.

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Warrington – Altrincham – Bolton – St Helens – Wigan – Runcorn – Widnes – Knutsford, Leigh – Greater Manchester and all surrounding areas.

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