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Guardian Pest Management can control and eradicate Mosquitoes at reasonable cost from anywhere on your property, ponds, garden, etc.

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Mosquitoes require still water in order to develop their larvae. Often, they will choose garden ponds, lakes, wet marshland and water containers. In addition, they are quite likely to breed in any reasonable quantity of stagnant water where they can populate undisturbed.

We have been looking after the pest control needs of local homes and businesses for nearly 30 years. Guardian Pest Management is a genuine family run and staffed local business, we are not a national call centre. Guradian Pest Management are a Local Business.

Mosquitoes bites are generally not deadly here in the UK, although with the onset of climate change and the increase in import of foreign mosquito species into the UK this can never be totally discounted.

A bite from a mosquito can be irritating and sometimes painful. The associated itching and discomfort are multiplied if you are unfortunate to suffer a number of bites. Some people often react worse than others to a bite. If you feel you want to have professional help to control mosquitoes in and around your property, call Guardian today for the solution.

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Only female mosquitoes bite humans. This is because they require the protein to produce eggs. Males feed on nectar and other sweet things.

We provide a prompt and professional pest control service across the Warrington & Greater Manchester region. For your peace of mind, Guardian Pest Management are members of (NPTA) National Pest Technicians Association.

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